What is 1530 (15:30) Military Time? 3:30 PM Standard Time

1530 Military Time is 3:30PMNot exactly sure what 15:30 military time is in standard time? Have no fear! If you are here for the quick fix, then, by all means, you should know that 1530 military time is equivalent to 3:30 PM standard time. But, we imagine that there are a few of you that also want to know WHY or HOW to do this calculation yourself for future reference. We can help make you better at converting military time.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide for how to handle military time conversion in your head.

Converting military time is easiest to learn if you separate the day in the time BEFORE NOON and the time AFTERNOON. Once standard time reaches 12:00 PM (1200 military time) it becomes a little more difficult to translate into military time.

That being said, if it is 1530 military time or “fifteen thirty hundred hours”, simply subtract 1200, add a colon between the hours and minutes, and attach a PM to the end. You add a PM to the end of any military time 1200 or greater.

What is 15300 Military Time in Regular Standard AM/PM Time?

A great tip to commit to memory: Anytime you wish to convert military time to standard time that is after 12 PM(noon or 1200), simply subtract 1200, add a colon in between the hours and minutes, and add a PM after it.

Step 1. (subtract 1200)
1530 – 1200 = 330

Step 2. (add colon “:” between hours & minutes)
330 + : = 3:30

Step 3. (add PM after)
3:30 + PM = 3:30PM

ANSWER: What is 1530 Military Time? 3:30 PM

Is math not a strength of yours? Consider this resource to help.

We hope that not only do you now know what time it is, but you also know why! For a full breakdown of how to learn military time take a look at our military time guide. If you want to convert another military time or a standard AM/PM time back to military time you can do so using our military time chart on the fly. This site has a wide array of resources to help you to learn, pronounce, read, convert, and tell military time. We hope you found it helpful!

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