What is 1600 (16:00) Military Time? (4:00 PM Standard Time)

1600 Military Time

Converting military time is unfamiliar to many and can be difficult to master. Whether you are converting 1600 military time or any other military time notation. This is especially true when the time climbs above 1200. After that point, you can’t just drop the zero like in 0700 (7:00 AM) or just add a colon in the middle of 1000 (10:00 AM).

So what is 1600 military time or “sixteen hundred hours?” To sort this out take the military time of 1600 and simply subtract 1200. Then add a colon between the hours and minutes, and attach a PM to the end. You know it is PM vs AM if the military time is equal to or greater than 1200. 1200 or greater is always PM except for 2400 which is AM (12:00 AM).

What is 1600 Military Time

TIP: If you need to convert military time and the time is at or after 1 PM or 1300 (military time), then all you need to do is subtract 1200, add a colon between the minutes and hours, and put at PM after it.

Step 1.  1600 – 1200 = 400

Step 2.  400 + Add a “: ” after the 4 = 4:00

Step 3.  4:00 + PM (add PM if the original number is higher than 1159 military time) = 4:00PM

ANSWER:  4:00 PM

Is math not a strength of yours? Consider this resource to help.

What is Military Time?

Based on the 24-hour timekeeping system, military time differs slightly in that the colon is omitted and the leading zero (if needed) is always notated. Military time is notated in “hhmm” format where hh can be between 0-23 and mm can be between 00-59. Military time is utilized primarily in the United States by military, government, emergency services, and other industries where time precision and communication are critical.

So, what do you think? Can you now go out into the world and convert military time on the fly? If not then stick around on the site and you will find many tools to help you including conversion charts, time clocks, and even tutorials on how to tell/read military time.

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