Military Time Minutes

military time minutes chart

Military time is generally used to describe the modified 24-hour timekeeping used by the military and government organizations in countries where standard AM/PM time is used by civilians. An example is “O nine hundred thirty hours” to communicate 9:30 AM in standard time. Minutes in the communication of military time is different when notating the … Read more

Learn Military Time

Learn Military Time

So, you want to learn military time? First, let us review what it is. Military time is the timekeeping system in which a single day is evenly divided into 24 hours and spans from midnight to midnight. The notation of military time is indicated by the number of hours that have elapsed since midnight (12:00 … Read more

Midnight Military Time – 2400 or 0000? (12 AM Standard Time)

Midnight Military Time Featured

For many people sorting out midnight military time can be a head-scratcher. Terms like noon and midnight are generally used as part of the AM/PM timekeeping system. When it comes to midnight, it is notated and referred to in a different way. So what is midnight military time? Should 12AM be notated as 2400 or … Read more