What is 0859 Military Time?

Convert 0859 military time into standard (regular) AM/PM format.

0859 = 8:59 AM

0859 = 8:59 AM using regular (standard) 12-hour AM/PM notation.

What time is 0859 military time? 8:59 AM on the standard 12-hour clock. Pronounced “Zero Eight Fifty-Nine”, It can be challenging to compare 0859 to 8:59 AM standard time. The conversion of both timekeeping systems is thoroughly explained in this tutorial. This includes advice on how to change military time to the 12-hour format as well as the correct way to pronounce words when talking. You can find a quick reference for 0859 below and more information on conversion and details for each minute from 0800 – 0859 military time through a time chart.

Military Time (24-Hour Clock) 12-Hour Regular Time
0859 8:59 AM

Converting 0859 Military Time into Regular/Standard Time

Converting 0859 from 24-hour military time to 12-hour time is easy!

  1. Identify if the time has a leading 0 (zero). For example, 0547. The zero is a “leading zero.
  2. When converting military time with a leading zero to standard time, the zero is removed. A leading zero means the converted time should be AM.
  3. First, we would take would 0859 military time, then add a colon between the hours (08) and minutes (59) leaving 08:59.
  4. Since we are considering 0859 with a leading zero, we would also drop the zero to convert military time to standard time.
  5. 0859 military time = 08:59 – leading zero + : + 59 minutes = 8:59 AM.

Extra If you were considering a conversion for 2059 instead, the converted standard time would be 8:59 PM.

How to Say 0859 (8:59 AM) in Military Time

You can say as: “Zero Eight Fifty-Nine hours.”

Military Time to Standard/Regular Time Conversion Tool

Use the tool below to convert military time to standard time or, alternatively, converted standard time to military time quickly and easily!

Note: Select below to convert standard time (AM/PM) to military time.


0859 Military Time Conversion Chart

12 Hour ClockMilitary TimeHow to Say
08:00 AM0800Zero Eight Hundred
08:01 AM0801Zero Eight Zero One
08:02 AM0802Zero Eight Zero Two
08:03 AM0803Zero Eight Zero Three
08:04 AM0804Zero Eight Zero Four
08:05 AM0805Zero Eight Zero Five
08:06 AM0806Zero Eight Zero Six
08:07 AM0807Zero Eight Zero Seven
08:08 AM0808Zero Eight Zero Eight
08:09 AM0809Zero Eight Zero Nine
08:10 AM0810Zero Eight Ten
08:11 AM0811Zero Eight Eleven
08:12 AM0812Zero Eight Twelve
08:13 AM0813Zero Eight Thirteen
08:14 AM0814Zero Eight Fourteen
08:15 AM0815Zero Eight Fifteen
08:16 AM0816Zero Eight Sixteen
08:17 AM0817Zero Eight Seventeen
08:18 AM0818Zero Eight Eighteen
08:19 AM0819Zero Eight Nineteen
08:20 AM0820Zero Eight Twenty
08:21 AM0821Zero Eight Twenty-One
08:22 AM0822Zero Eight Twenty-Two
08:23 AM0823Zero Eight Twenty-Three
08:24 AM0824Zero Eight Twenty-Four
08:25 AM0825Zero Eight Twenty-Five
08:26 AM0826Zero Eight Twenty-Six
08:27 AM0827Zero Eight Twenty-Seven
08:28 AM0828Zero Eight Twenty-Eight
08:29 AM0829Zero Eight Twenty-Nine
08:30 AM0830Zero Eight Thirty
08:31 AM0831Zero Eight Thirty-One
08:32 AM0832Zero Eight Thirty-Two
08:33 AM0833Zero Eight Thirty-Three
08:34 AM0834Zero Eight Thirty-Four
08:35 AM0835Zero Eight Thirty-Five
08:36 AM0836Zero Eight Thirty-Six
08:37 AM0837Zero Eight Thirty-Seven
08:38 AM0838Zero Eight Thirty-Eight
08:39 AM0839Zero Eight Thirty-Nine
08:40 AM0840Zero Eight Forty
08:41 AM0841Zero Eight Forty-One
08:42 AM0842Zero Eight Forty-Two
08:43 AM0843Zero Eight Forty-Three
08:44 AM0844Zero Eight Forty-Four
08:45 AM0845Zero Eight Forty-Five
08:46 AM0846Zero Eight Forty-Six
08:47 AM0847Zero Eight Forty-Seven
08:48 AM0848Zero Eight Forty-Eight
08:49 AM0849Zero Eight Forty-Nine
08:50 AM0850Zero Eight Fifty
08:51 AM0851Zero Eight Fifty-One
08:52 AM0852Zero Eight Fifty-Two
08:53 AM0853Zero Eight Fifty-Three
08:54 AM0854Zero Eight Fifty-Four
08:55 AM0855Zero Eight Fifty-Five
08:56 AM0856Zero Eight Fifty-Six
08:57 AM0857Zero Eight Fifty-Seven
08:58 AM0858Zero Eight Fifty-Eight
08:59 AM0859Zero Eight Fifty-Nine

What is Standard Time (AM/PM)?

Standard time is an essential concept that helps us keep track of the hours in a day and organize our lives. It is also known as regular time, and it refers to the specific times at which clocks in different areas are set. This system was established in 1883 when the International Meridian Conference declared that the world would be divided into 24 time zones, each with its own standard time. Standard time is important for keeping everyone on the same page; it allows us to make sure we are arriving on time for meetings and appointments, and it can have a major impact on how we interact with people around the globe.