What is 1400 Military Time?

Convert 1400 military time into standard (regular) AM/PM format.

1400 = 2:00 PM

1400 = 2:00 PM using regular (standard) 12-hour AM/PM notation.

What is 1400 Military Time?

What time is 1400 hours military time? 2:00 PM on the standard 12-hour clock. Pronounced “Fourteen Hundred”, the complexities of comparing 1400 to 2:00 PM standard time can be overwhelming. It is easy enough to convert 0900 to 9 AM or 1100 to 11 AM (just drop the zeros), but after the clock strikes 12 noon it turns into a greater challenge.

You probably aren’t here to become a military time expert. So, what is 1400 military time or “fourteen hundred hours?” To convert 1400 to standard time (AM/PM), all that is needed is to subtract 1200 from 1400 (or any military time 1300 or higher) to arrive at the converted PM standard time. All you need to do is add a colon “:” between the hours “2” and “00.” Any military time after 1200 is always PM except for 2400 which starts the AM (12 AM) standard time notation. You can find a simple reference for 1400 below and additional information for each minute from 1400 – 1459 military time through an easy-to-read chart.

1400 Hours Conversion Time Chart

Military Time (24-Hour Clock) 12-Hour Regular Time
1400 2:00 PM

Quickly Convert 1400 Military Time into Standard Time

TIP: If you need to convert military time and the time is at or after 1 PM or 1300 (military time), then all you need to do is subtract 1200 (or subtract 12 hours), add a colon between the minutes and hours, and put at PM after it.

Step 1. 1400 – 1200 = 200

Step 2. 200 + Add a “: ” after the 2 = 2:00

Step 3. 2:00 + PM (add PM if the original military time was higher than 1159) = 2:00 PM

ANSWER: What is 1400 Military Time? 2:00 PM


If you were considering a conversion for 200 instead, the converted standard time would be 2:00 AM.

How to Say 1400 (2:00 PM) in Military Time on the Military Time Clock

You can say as: “Fourteen Hundred hours.”


Military Time to Regular Time Conversion Tool

Use the tool below to convert military time to standard time or, alternatively, convert standard time to military time quickly and easily!

Note: Select below to convert standard time (AM/PM) to military time.


1400 Military Time Conversion Chart

12 Hour Clock Military Time How to Say
02:00 PM 1400 Fourteen Hundred
02:01 PM 1401 Fourteen Zero One
02:02 PM 1402 Fourteen Zero Two
02:03 PM 1403 Fourteen Zero Three
02:04 PM 1404 Fourteen Zero Four
02:05 PM 1405 Fourteen Zero Five
02:06 PM 1406 Fourteen Zero Six
02:07 PM 1407 Fourteen Zero Seven
02:08 PM 1408 Fourteen Zero Eight
02:09 PM 1409 Fourteen Zero Nine
02:10 PM 1410 Fourteen Ten
02:11 PM 1411 Fourteen Eleven
02:12 PM 1412 Fourteen Twelve
02:13 PM 1413 Fourteen Thirteen
02:14 PM 1414 Fourteen Fourteen
02:15 PM 1415 Fourteen Fifteen
02:16 PM 1416 Fourteen Sixteen
02:17 PM 1417 Fourteen Seventeen
02:18 PM 1418 Fourteen Eighteen
02:19 PM 1419 Fourteen Nineteen
02:20 PM 1420 Fourteen Twenty
02:21 PM 1421 Fourteen Twenty-One
02:22 PM 1422 Fourteen Twenty-Two
02:23 PM 1423 Fourteen Twenty-Three
02:24 PM 1424 Fourteen Twenty-Four
02:25 PM 1425 Fourteen Twenty-Five
02:26 PM 1426 Fourteen Twenty-Six
02:27 PM 1427 Fourteen Twenty-Seven
02:28 PM 1428 Fourteen Twenty-Eight
02:29 PM 1429 Fourteen Twenty-Nine
02:30 PM 1430 Fourteen Thirty
02:31 PM 1431 Fourteen Thirty-One
02:32 PM 1432 Fourteen Thirty-Two
02:33 PM 1433 Fourteen Thirty-Three
02:34 PM 1434 Fourteen Thirty-Four
02:35 PM 1435 Fourteen Thirty-Five
02:36 PM 1436 Fourteen Thirty-Six
02:37 PM 1437 Fourteen Thirty-Seven
02:38 PM 1438 Fourteen Thirty-Eight
02:39 PM 1439 Fourteen Thirty-Nine
02:40 PM 1440 Fourteen Forty
02:41 PM 1441 Fourteen Forty-One
02:42 PM 1442 Fourteen Forty-Two
02:43 PM 1443 Fourteen Forty-Three
02:44 PM 1444 Fourteen Forty-Four
02:45 PM 1445 Fourteen Forty-Five
02:46 PM 1446 Fourteen Forty-Six
02:47 PM 1447 Fourteen Forty-Seven
02:48 PM 1448 Fourteen Forty-Eight
02:49 PM 1449 Fourteen Forty-Nine
02:50 PM 1450 Fourteen Fifty
02:51 PM 1451 Fourteen Fifty-One
02:52 PM 1452 Fourteen Fifty-Two
02:53 PM 1453 Fourteen Fifty-Three
02:54 PM 1454 Fourteen Fifty-Four
02:55 PM 1455 Fourteen Fifty-Five
02:56 PM 1456 Fourteen Fifty-Six
02:57 PM 1457 Fourteen Fifty-Seven
02:58 PM 1458 Fourteen Fifty-Eight
02:59 PM 1459 Fourteen Fifty-Nine

What Is Military Time?

Military Time is a 24-hour time format of expressing the time of day, as opposed to the 12-hour time format used in everyday life. The 24-hour clock begins at midnight, which is expressed as 0000 hours (or sometimes known as 2400 hours). All other times throughout the day are expressed using four digits, with the first two digits representing the hour and the last two digits representing minutes.

For example, 1 PM would be expressed as 1300 hours. This type of timekeeping is based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and allows for a universal way of telling time across different countries and cultures. military time is often split into morning and afternoon periods, with noon being 1200 hours and midnight being 0000 hours or 2400 hours. If a digit appears in front of a single digit number when expressing military time, then it is usually followed by an “o’clock” to indicate that it is exactly that hour e.g. 0800 o’clock for 8 AM.

What is a Time Zone?

A time zone is an area of the Earth that follows a uniform standard time for legal, commercial, and social purposes. It is a region that sets its clocks so that it has the same time as other areas in the same zone. Time zones are based on longitude, with each one spanning 15 degrees of longitude. This means that each time zone name is one hour apart from the next. For example, if you live in New York City, you are in the Eastern Time Zone (ET), which is five hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). If you travel to London, England, you will be in the British Time Zone (BT), which is UTC+1 or one hour ahead of ET.

Each country will have multiple time zones depending on its size and location around the globe. Military time zones are similar but are specifically designed to make them easy to identify and communicate. They have a single letter that is associated with each time zone. For example, if it was 1400 hours in Austin, Texas, the military time would be written 1400S where the S stands for “Sierra” or the Sierra Time Zone UTC-6.