What is 1800 Military Time?

Convert 1800 military time into standard (regular) AM/PM format.

1800 = 6:00 PM

1800 = 6:00 PM using regular (standard) 12-hour AM/PM notation.

1800 military time

What time is 1800 military time? 6:00 PM on the standard 12-hour clock. Pronounced “Eighteen Hundred”, understanding both 1800 to 6:00 PM standard time can be uniquely challenging.  This is even more true for the times of day afternoon. During this period, conversion isn’t as simple as dropping a zero such as 0900 to 9:00 AM.

So what is 1800 military time or “eighteen hundred hours?” To start, take the military time of 1800 and simply subtract 1200. Then add a colon between the hours and minutes, and attach a PM to the end. You know it’s PM vs AM if the military time is greater than 1200. 1200 or greater is always PM except for 2400 which is equivalent to 12:00 AM.

You can find a simple reference for 1800 hours below and additional information for each minute from 1800 – 1859 military time through an easy-to-read time chart.

Military Time (24-Hour Clock) Regular Time (12-Hour Clock)
1800 6:00 PM

Quickly Convert 1800 Military Time into Regular Time

TIP: If you need to convert military time and the time is at or after 1 PM or 1300 (military time), then all you need to do is subtract 1200, add a colon between the minutes and hours, and put at PM after it.

Step 1.  1800 – 1200 = 600

Step 2.  600 + : = 6:00

Step 3.  6:00 + PM = 6:00PM

ANSWER: What is 1800 Military Time? 6:00 PM



If you were considering a conversion for 0600 instead, the converted standard time would be 6:00 AM.

How to Say 1800 (6:00 PM) on the Military Time Clock

1800 hours in military time is pronounced as: “Eighteen Hundred hours” or “one-eight-zero-zero hours.”


Military Time to Standard Time Converter Tool

Utilize the tool below to convert military time 1800 (or any other time) to standard time (12-hour time) or, alternatively, convert standard time to military time easily!

Note: Select below to convert standard time (AM/PM) to military time.


1800 Military Time Conversion Chart

12 Hour Clock Military Time How to Say
06:00 PM 1800 Eighteen Hundred
06:01 PM 1801 Eighteen Zero One
06:02 PM 1802 Eighteen Zero Two
06:03 PM 1803 Eighteen Zero Three
06:04 PM 1804 Eighteen Zero Four
06:05 PM 1805 Eighteen Zero Five
06:06 PM 1806 Eighteen Zero Six
06:07 PM 1807 Eighteen Zero Seven
06:08 PM 1808 Eighteen Zero Eight
06:09 PM 1809 Eighteen Zero Nine
06:10 PM 1810 Eighteen Ten
06:11 PM 1811 Eighteen Eleven
06:12 PM 1812 Eighteen Twelve
06:13 PM 1813 Eighteen Thirteen
06:14 PM 1814 Eighteen Fourteen
06:15 PM 1815 Eighteen Fifteen
06:16 PM 1816 Eighteen Sixteen
06:17 PM 1817 Eighteen Seventeen
06:18 PM 1818 Eighteen Eighteen
06:19 PM 1819 Eighteen Nineteen
06:20 PM 1820 Eighteen Twenty
06:21 PM 1821 Eighteen Twenty-One
06:22 PM 1822 Eighteen Twenty-Two
06:23 PM 1823 Eighteen Twenty-Three
06:24 PM 1824 Eighteen Twenty-Four
06:25 PM 1825 Eighteen Twenty-Five
06:26 PM 1826 Eighteen Twenty-Six
06:27 PM 1827 Eighteen Twenty-Seven
06:28 PM 1828 Eighteen Twenty-Eight
06:29 PM 1829 Eighteen Twenty-Nine
06:30 PM 1830 Eighteen Thirty
06:31 PM 1831 Eighteen Thirty-One
06:32 PM 1832 Eighteen Thirty-Two
06:33 PM 1833 Eighteen Thirty-Three
06:34 PM 1834 Eighteen Thirty-Four
06:35 PM 1835 Eighteen Thirty-Five
06:36 PM 1836 Eighteen Thirty-Six
06:37 PM 1837 Eighteen Thirty-Seven
06:38 PM 1838 Eighteen Thirty-Eight
06:39 PM 1839 Eighteen Thirty-Nine
06:40 PM 1840 Eighteen Forty
06:41 PM 1841 Eighteen Forty-One
06:42 PM 1842 Eighteen Forty-Two
06:43 PM 1843 Eighteen Forty-Three
06:44 PM 1844 Eighteen Forty-Four
06:45 PM 1845 Eighteen Forty-Five
06:46 PM 1846 Eighteen Forty-Six
06:47 PM 1847 Eighteen Forty-Seven
06:48 PM 1848 Eighteen Forty-Eight
06:49 PM 1849 Eighteen Forty-Nine
06:50 PM 1850 Eighteen Fifty
06:51 PM 1851 Eighteen Fifty-One
06:52 PM 1852 Eighteen Fifty-Two
06:53 PM 1853 Eighteen Fifty-Three
06:54 PM 1854 Eighteen Fifty-Four
06:55 PM 1855 Eighteen Fifty-Five
06:56 PM 1856 Eighteen Fifty-Six
06:57 PM 1857 Eighteen Fifty-Seven
06:58 PM 1858 Eighteen Fifty-Eight
06:59 PM 1859 Eighteen Fifty-Nine

What are Military Time Zones?

Military time zones are a way to keep track of time in different parts of the world. It is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC, not to be confused with Greenwich mean time) and uses a 24-hour clock instead of the traditional 12-hour clock. The time zones are named after letters of the alphabet, starting with Alpha and ending with Juliet. Each letter corresponds to a specific time zone, which is one hour ahead or behind UTC. For example, Alpha is one hour behind UTC, Bravo is two hours behind, etc. In addition to military personnel using this system for operational purposes, it also provides an easy way for people to communicate across different countries without having to figure out what the local time is in each area. Military time zones help ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to scheduling meetings or other events with people from different parts of the world.

Why Does the Military Use The 24-Hour Clock vs 12- Hour Clock?

The military uses military time as a way to standardize the way times are reported across all branches of the service in the United States and across the world. It eliminates confusion by having a standardized 24-hour time format that everyone understands and simplifies communication between different branches and personnel. The use of military time also allows for accurate tracking of time spent on missions, training exercises, and other activities. Additionally, it is easier to keep track of multiple time zones when using a single 24-hour clock. It also helps ensure accuracy when describing scheduled events or deadlines. Finally, the use of military time helps reduce miscommunication and potential errors due to differences in local or regional time measurements. Overall, the use of military time is an important tool that helps improve communication within the military and allows for more efficient operations.


So, what do you think? Can you now go out into the world and convert military time on the fly? If not then stick around on the site and you will find many tools to help you including conversion charts, time clocks, and even tutorials on how to tell/read military time.