What is 2000 Military Time?

Convert 2000 military time into standard (regular) AM/PM format.

2000 = 8:00 PM

2000 = 8:00 PM using regular (standard) 12-hour AM/PM notation.

2000 Military Time

What time is 2000 military time? 8:00 PM on the standard 12-hour clock. Pronounced “Twenty Hundred”, It can be challenging to compare 2000 to 8:00 PM standard time. Although military time can be confusing initially, you should find it easy to learn once you get the relationship it has to traditional AM/PM timekeeping. For most, converting 0200 military time to 2:00 AM is simple enough. Just add a colon and attach the A.M. After moving past 1200 military time it can get a little confusing.

Becoming a military timekeeping expert is possibly not on your list of things to do today. So, what is 2000 military time or “two thousand hours”? To convert 2000 military time to AM/PM all you need to do is subtract 12oo from 2000 (the same rules apply for any military time above 1300 hours) to get the converted PM standard time. Then, you simply add a colon between the hours and minutes.

You can find a simple reference for 2000 below and additional information for each minute from 2000 – 2059 military time through an easy-to-read chart.

Military Time (24-Hour Clock) 12-Hour Regular Time
2000 8:00 PM

Converting 2000 Military Time into Regular/Standard Time

TIP: If you need to convert military time and the time is at or after 1 PM or 1300 (military time), then all you need to do is subtract 1200, add a colon between the minutes and hours, and put at PM after it.

Step 1.  2000 – 1200 = 800

Step 2.  800 + Add a “: ” after the hours (8) = 8:00

Step 3.  8:00 + PM (add PM if the original military time was higher than 1159) = 8:00 PM

ANSWER: What is 2000 Military Time? 8:00 PM



If you were considering a conversion for 800 instead, the converted standard time would be 8:00 AM.

How to Say 2000 (8:00 PM) in Military Time

You can say as: “Twenty Hundred hours.”


Military Time to Standard/Regular Time Conversion Tool

Use the tool below to convert military time to standard time or, alternatively, converted standard time to military time quickly and easily!

Note: Select below to convert standard time (AM/PM) to military time.


2000 Military Time Conversion Chart

12 Hour Clock Military Time How to Say
08:00 PM 2000 Twenty Hundred
08:01 PM 2001 Twenty Zero One
08:02 PM 2002 Twenty Zero Two
08:03 PM 2003 Twenty Zero Three
08:04 PM 2004 Twenty Zero Four
08:05 PM 2005 Twenty Zero Five
08:06 PM 2006 Twenty Zero Six
08:07 PM 2007 Twenty Zero Seven
08:08 PM 2008 Twenty Zero Eight
08:09 PM 2009 Twenty Zero Nine
08:10 PM 2010 Twenty Ten
08:11 PM 2011 Twenty Eleven
08:12 PM 2012 Twenty Twelve
08:13 PM 2013 Twenty Thirteen
08:14 PM 2014 Twenty Fourteen
08:15 PM 2015 Twenty Fifteen
08:16 PM 2016 Twenty Sixteen
08:17 PM 2017 Twenty Seventeen
08:18 PM 2018 Twenty Eighteen
08:19 PM 2019 Twenty Nineteen
08:20 PM 2020 Twenty Twenty
08:21 PM 2021 Twenty Twenty-One
08:22 PM 2022 Twenty Twenty-Two
08:23 PM 2023 Twenty Twenty-Three
08:24 PM 2024 Twenty Twenty-Four
08:25 PM 2025 Twenty Twenty-Five
08:26 PM 2026 Twenty Twenty-Six
08:27 PM 2027 Twenty Twenty-Seven
08:28 PM 2028 Twenty Twenty-Eight
08:29 PM 2029 Twenty Twenty-Nine
08:30 PM 2030 Twenty Thirty
08:31 PM 2031 Twenty Thirty-One
08:32 PM 2032 Twenty Thirty-Two
08:33 PM 2033 Twenty Thirty-Three
08:34 PM 2034 Twenty Thirty-Four
08:35 PM 2035 Twenty Thirty-Five
08:36 PM 2036 Twenty Thirty-Six
08:37 PM 2037 Twenty Thirty-Seven
08:38 PM 2038 Twenty Thirty-Eight
08:39 PM 2039 Twenty Thirty-Nine
08:40 PM 2040 Twenty Forty
08:41 PM 2041 Twenty Forty-One
08:42 PM 2042 Twenty Forty-Two
08:43 PM 2043 Twenty Forty-Three
08:44 PM 2044 Twenty Forty-Four
08:45 PM 2045 Twenty Forty-Five
08:46 PM 2046 Twenty Forty-Six
08:47 PM 2047 Twenty Forty-Seven
08:48 PM 2048 Twenty Forty-Eight
08:49 PM 2049 Twenty Forty-Nine
08:50 PM 2050 Twenty Fifty
08:51 PM 2051 Twenty Fifty-One
08:52 PM 2052 Twenty Fifty-Two
08:53 PM 2053 Twenty Fifty-Three
08:54 PM 2054 Twenty Fifty-Four
08:55 PM 2055 Twenty Fifty-Five
08:56 PM 2056 Twenty Fifty-Six
08:57 PM 2057 Twenty Fifty-Seven
08:58 PM 2058 Twenty Fifty-Eight
08:59 PM 2059 Twenty Fifty-Nine

Standard Time vs Military Time(AM/PM)?

Military time and regular time are two different ways of expressing the same thing – the passage of hours. Military time is similar to the 24-hour clock, which counts from 0000 (or “zero hundred”) to 2359 (or “twenty-three fifty-nine”). Regular time is the 12-hour clock, which counts from 12am to 11:59pm. The biggest difference between military and regular time is that regular time uses two periods of twelve hours for one day whereas military time uses a period of twenty four hours for one day. This means that in military time, 1:00am regular time would be expressed as 0100. Alternatively, 1:00pm would be expressed as 1300 military time. Military time can be helpful when talking about an event or activity that will take place at a specific hour, since it eliminates any confusion between morning and afternoon time values. This is why military time is preferred for emergency services, military, and any other industry which demands accuracy from its communication of time.

If you are interested in learning more about military time we have a series of resources to make the process fun and interesting. You can use our handy calculator to convert military time in seconds. We also offer printable military time conversion charts to reference anywhere you are. We also offer real-time clocks showing both military time and traditional AM/PM time in addition to tutorials on how to tell/read military time. Enjoy!