What is 5:18 PM Military Time?

Convert 5:18 PM regular time into 24-hour military time format.

5:18 PM = 1718

5:18 PM = 1718 Hours using military time notation, 17:18 using a 24-Hour clock notation.

What time is 5:18 PM Regular Time? 1718 (Seventeen Eighteen Hours) military time on a 24-hour clock. Confidently understanding military time requires understanding the relationships between 5:18 PM standard time and 1718 military time.  We will help you take a critical look at both 5:18 PM and 1718. Let’s dive in! Find quick references below as well as converter tools and chart for 5:00 PM – 5:59 PM

12-Hour Regular Time Military Time (24-Hour Clock)
5:18 PM 1718

Converting 5:18 PM Standard Time into Military Time

Converting 5:18 PM from 12-hour time to 24-hour military time is easy!

  1. Identify if the time is AM or PM.
  2. For PM we add “12” to the hours value.
  3. Since we are considering 5:18 PM, we would add 12 to the hours, then remove the “:” colon and the PM.
  4. 5:18 PM + Add 12 to the hours= 17:18 or 1718 military time.

If you were considering a conversion for 5:18 AM instead, the converted military time would be 0518 or 05:18 on the 24-hour clock. This is pronounced, “Zero Five Eighteen.”

How to Say 5:18 PM (1718) in Military Time

You can say 1718 as: “Seventeen Eighteen hours.”

Military Time to Standard/Regular Time Conversion Tool

Use the tool below to convert military time to standard time or, alternatively, converted standard time to military time quickly and easily!

Note: Select below to convert standard time (AM/PM) to military time.


5:18 PM Regular Time Conversion Chart

12 Hour ClockMilitary TimeHow to Say
05:00 PM1700Seventeen Hundred
05:01 PM1701Seventeen Zero One
05:02 PM1702Seventeen Zero Two
05:03 PM1703Seventeen Zero Three
05:04 PM1704Seventeen Zero Four
05:05 PM1705Seventeen Zero Five
05:06 PM1706Seventeen Zero Six
05:07 PM1707Seventeen Zero Seven
05:08 PM1708Seventeen Zero Eight
05:09 PM1709Seventeen Zero Nine
05:10 PM1710Seventeen Ten
05:11 PM1711Seventeen Eleven
05:12 PM1712Seventeen Twelve
05:13 PM1713Seventeen Thirteen
05:14 PM1714Seventeen Fourteen
05:15 PM1715Seventeen Fifteen
05:16 PM1716Seventeen Sixteen
05:17 PM1717Seventeen Seventeen
05:18 PM1718Seventeen Eighteen
05:19 PM1719Seventeen Nineteen
05:20 PM1720Seventeen Twenty
05:21 PM1721Seventeen Twenty-One
05:22 PM1722Seventeen Twenty-Two
05:23 PM1723Seventeen Twenty-Three
05:24 PM1724Seventeen Twenty-Four
05:25 PM1725Seventeen Twenty-Five
05:26 PM1726Seventeen Twenty-Six
05:27 PM1727Seventeen Twenty-Seven
05:28 PM1728Seventeen Twenty-Eight
05:29 PM1729Seventeen Twenty-Nine
05:30 PM1730Seventeen Thirty
05:31 PM1731Seventeen Thirty-One
05:32 PM1732Seventeen Thirty-Two
05:33 PM1733Seventeen Thirty-Three
05:34 PM1734Seventeen Thirty-Four
05:35 PM1735Seventeen Thirty-Five
05:36 PM1736Seventeen Thirty-Six
05:37 PM1737Seventeen Thirty-Seven
05:38 PM1738Seventeen Thirty-Eight
05:39 PM1739Seventeen Thirty-Nine
05:40 PM1740Seventeen Forty
05:41 PM1741Seventeen Forty-One
05:42 PM1742Seventeen Forty-Two
05:43 PM1743Seventeen Forty-Three
05:44 PM1744Seventeen Forty-Four
05:45 PM1745Seventeen Forty-Five
05:46 PM1746Seventeen Forty-Six
05:47 PM1747Seventeen Forty-Seven
05:48 PM1748Seventeen Forty-Eight
05:49 PM1749Seventeen Forty-Nine
05:50 PM1750Seventeen Fifty
05:51 PM1751Seventeen Fifty-One
05:52 PM1752Seventeen Fifty-Two
05:53 PM1753Seventeen Fifty-Three
05:54 PM1754Seventeen Fifty-Four
05:55 PM1755Seventeen Fifty-Five
05:56 PM1756Seventeen Fifty-Six
05:57 PM1757Seventeen Fifty-Seven
05:58 PM1758Seventeen Fifty-Eight
05:59 PM1759Seventeen Fifty-Nine

Military Time Importance

Military time is an important part of our lives, especially for those who serve in the military. It is used to keep track of events and activities in a uniform manner across different units and branches. By using military time, all members of the armed forces are able to communicate clearly and accurately with one another, regardless of where they are located. Additionally, it allows soldiers and officers to quickly calculate the amount of time they have available before their next assignment or mission. With its consistent 24-hour clock format, military time eliminates confusion that can arise when trying to coordinate and plan activities between two different units or services. In short, military time is essential for efficient communication within any situation where accuracy and communication are critical!