What is 6AM Military Time (6:00AM)?

Convert 6AM regular time into 24-hour military time format.

6:00 AM = 0600

6:00 AM = 0600 Hours using military time notation, 06:00 using a 24-Hour clock notation.

6AM Military time

What time is 6AM Regular Time? 0600 (Zero Six Hundred Hours) military time on a 24-hour clock. Military time, also known as 24-hour time, is a way of expressing hours and minutes used by the armed forces and other organizations worldwide. It differs from the regular 12-hour clock system, which divides the day into two 12-hour halves. In military time, the day is divided into 24 one-hour periods starting at midnight at 00:00 and ending at 23:59. It is commonly used for scheduling purposes. It can help to avoid confusion between morning and afternoon hours. You can find a quick reference below and more information on conversion and details for each minute from 6:00 AM – 6:59 AM through a time chart.

12-Hour Regular TimeMilitary Time (24-Hour Clock)
6:00 AM0600

Convert 6AM Regular/Standard Time into Military Time

Converting 6:00 AM from 12-hour time to 24-hour military time is easy!

  1. Identify if the time is AM or PM.
  2. For AM we add a zero to the beginning. For PM we add 12 hours to the time.
  3. Since we are considering 6:00 AM, we would add a 0 (zero) to the beginning hours.
  4. 6:00 AM + Add 0 to the beginning = 06:00 or 0600 military time.

If you were considering a conversion for 6:00 PM instead, the converted military time would be 18:00 or 1800. This is pronounced “Eighteen Hundred.”

Speedy Time Conversion Tool

Note: Select below to convert standard time (AM/PM) to military time.


How to Say 6 AM (0600) in Military Time

You can say 0600 as “zero six hundred hours” or “zero-six-zero-zero hours”

6 AM Regular Time Conversion Chart

12 Hour Clock Military Time How to Say
06:00 AM 0600 Zero Six Hundred
06:01 AM 0601 Zero Six Zero One
06:02 AM 0602 Zero Six Zero Two
06:03 AM 0603 Zero Six Zero Three
06:04 AM 0604 Zero Six Zero Four
06:05 AM 0605 Zero Six Zero Five
06:06 AM 0606 Zero Six Zero Six
06:07 AM 0607 Zero Six Zero Seven
06:08 AM 0608 Zero Six Zero Eight
06:09 AM 0609 Zero Six Zero Nine
06:10 AM 0610 Zero Six Ten
06:11 AM 0611 Zero Six Eleven
06:12 AM 0612 Zero Six Twelve
06:13 AM 0613 Zero Six Thirteen
06:14 AM 0614 Zero Six Fourteen
06:15 AM 0615 Zero Six Fifteen
06:16 AM 0616 Zero Six Sixteen
06:17 AM 0617 Zero Six Seventeen
06:18 AM 0618 Zero Six Eighteen
06:19 AM 0619 Zero Six Nineteen
06:20 AM 0620 Zero Six Twenty
06:21 AM 0621 Zero Six Twenty-One
06:22 AM 0622 Zero Six Twenty-Two
06:23 AM 0623 Zero Six Twenty-Three
06:24 AM 0624 Zero Six Twenty-Four
06:25 AM 0625 Zero Six Twenty-Five
06:26 AM 0626 Zero Six Twenty-Six
06:27 AM 0627 Zero Six Twenty-Seven
06:28 AM 0628 Zero Six Twenty-Eight
06:29 AM 0629 Zero Six Twenty-Nine
06:30 AM 0630 Zero Six Thirty
06:31 AM 0631 Zero Six Thirty-One
06:32 AM 0632 Zero Six Thirty-Two
06:33 AM 0633 Zero Six Thirty-Three
06:34 AM 0634 Zero Six Thirty-Four
06:35 AM 0635 Zero Six Thirty-Five
06:36 AM 0636 Zero Six Thirty-Six
06:37 AM 0637 Zero Six Thirty-Seven
06:38 AM 0638 Zero Six Thirty-Eight
06:39 AM 0639 Zero Six Thirty-Nine
06:40 AM 0640 Zero Six Forty
06:41 AM 0641 Zero Six Forty-One
06:42 AM 0642 Zero Six Forty-Two
06:43 AM 0643 Zero Six Forty-Three
06:44 AM 0644 Zero Six Forty-Four
06:45 AM 0645 Zero Six Forty-Five
06:46 AM 0646 Zero Six Forty-Six
06:47 AM 0647 Zero Six Forty-Seven
06:48 AM 0648 Zero Six Forty-Eight
06:49 AM 0649 Zero Six Forty-Nine
06:50 AM 0650 Zero Six Fifty
06:51 AM 0651 Zero Six Fifty-One
06:52 AM 0652 Zero Six Fifty-Two
06:53 AM 0653 Zero Six Fifty-Three
06:54 AM 0654 Zero Six Fifty-Four
06:55 AM 0655 Zero Six Fifty-Five
06:56 AM 0656 Zero Six Fifty-Six
06:57 AM 0657 Zero Six Fifty-Seven
06:58 AM 0658 Zero Six Fifty-Eight
06:59 AM 0659 Zero Six Fifty-Nine

Why Military Time?

Military time is a way of expressing time, typically used by the military and other organizations that operate on a 24-hour clock. It is represented by four digits, with the first two representing hours and the last two representing minutes. For example, 4:30 PM would be written as 1630 hours after converting to military time. This system is widely used in the military, as it allows for greater precision when conveying times for operations or exercises. It can also be useful for international travel since it eliminates confusion about whether a given time is AM or PM. Additionally, using military time helps to avoid any potential misunderstandings that could arise from using conventional 12-hour clocks.

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