What is 6PM Military Time?

Convert 6 PM regular time into 24-hour military time format.

6:00 PM = 1800

6:00 PM = 1800 Hours using military time notation, 18:00 using a 24-Hour clock notation.

what is 6Pm military time

What time is 6PM Regular Time? 1800 (Eighteen Hundred Hours) military time on a 24-hour clock. Do you ever find yourself confused by military time? If so, you’re not alone! Many of us have struggled to wrap our heads around the 24-hour clock system and all its nuances. Fortunately, there are many helpful resources out there that can help you understand how to read, write and convert military time into standard 12-hour time. You can find a quick reference below and more information on conversion and details for each minute from 6:00 PM – 6:59 PM through a time chart.

12-Hour Regular TimeMilitary Time (24-Hour Clock)
6:00 PM1800

Quick Guide: Convert 6PM Regular/Standard Time into Military Time

Converting 6:00 PM from 12-hour time to 24-hour military time is easy!

  1. Identify if the time is AM or PM.
  2. For AM we add a zero to the beginning. For PM we add 12 hours to the time.
  3. Since we are considering 6:00 PM, we would add 12 to the hours.
  4. 6:00 PM + 12 Hours = 18:00 or 1800 military time.

If you were considering a conversion for 6:00 AM instead, the converted military time would be 06:00 or 0600. This is pronounced “Zero Six Hundred.”

How to Say 6 PM (1800) in Military Time

You can say 1800 as: “Eighteen hundred hours” or “one-eight-zero-zero hours”

6 PM Regular Time Conversion Chart

12 Hour ClockMilitary TimeHow to Say
6:00 PM1800Eighteen Hundred
6:01 PM1801Eighteen Zero One
6:02 PM1802Eighteen Zero Two
6:03 PM1803Eighteen Zero Three
6:04 PM1804Eighteen Zero Four
6:05 PM1805Eighteen Zero Five
6:06 PM1806Eighteen Zero Six
6:07 PM1807Eighteen Zero Seven
6:08 PM1808Eighteen Zero Eight
6:09 PM1809Eighteen Zero Nine
6:10 PM1810Eighteen Ten
6:11 PM1811Eighteen Eleven
6:12 PM1812Eighteen Twelve
6:13 PM1813Eighteen Thirteen
6:14 PM1814Eighteen Fourteen
6:15 PM1815Eighteen Thirteen
6:16 PM1816Eighteen Sixteen
6:17 PM1817Eighteen Seventeen
6:18 PM1818Eighteen Eighteen
6:19 PM1819Eighteen Zero Nine
6:20 PM1820Eighteen Twenty
6:21 PM1821Eighteen Twenty-One
6:22 PM1822Eighteen Twenty-Two
6:23 PM1823Eighteen Twenty-Three
6:24 PM1824Eighteen Twenty-Four
6:25 PM1825Eighteen Twenty-Five
6:26 PM1826Eighteen Twenty-Six
6:27 PM1827Eighteen Twenty-Seven
6:28 PM1828Eighteen Twenty-Eight
6:29 PM1829Eighteen Twenty-Nine
6:30 PM1830Eighteen Thirty
6:31 PM1831Eighteen Thirty-One
6:32 PM1832Eighteen Thirty-Two
6:33 PM1833Eighteen Thirty-Three
6:34 PM1834Eighteen Thirty-Four
6:35 PM1835Eighteen Thirty-Five
6:36 PM1836Eighteen Thirty-Six
6:37 PM1837Eighteen Thirty-Seven
6:38 PM1838Eighteen Thirty-Eight
6:39 PM1839Eighteen Thirty-Nine
6:40 PM1840Eighteen Forty
6:41 PM1841Eighteen Forty-One
6:42 PM1842Eighteen Forty-Two
6:43 PM1843Eighteen Forty-Three
6:44 PM1844Eighteen Forty-Four
6:45 PM1845Eighteen Forty-Five
6:46 PM1846Eighteen Forty-Six
6:47 PM1847Eighteen Forty-Seven
6:48 PM1848Eighteen Forty-Eight
6:49 PM1849Eighteen Forty-Nine
6:50 PM1850Eighteen Fifty
6:51 PM1851Eighteen Fifty-One
6:52 PM1852Eighteen Fifty-Two
6:53 PM1853Eighteen Fifty-Three
6:54 PM1854Eighteen Fifty-Four
6:55 PM1855Eighteen Fifty-Five
6:56 PM1856Eighteen Fifty-Six
6:57 PM1857Eighteen Fifty-Seven
6:58 PM1858Eighteen Fifty-Eight
6:59 PM1859Eighteen Fifty-Nine

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