What is 8PM Military Time?

Convert 8 PM regular time into 24-hour military time format.

8:00 PM = 2000

8:00 PM = 2000 Hours using military time notation, 20:00 using a 24-Hour clock notation.

What is 8PM military time?

What time is 8PM Regular Time? 2000 (Twenty Hundred Hours) military time on a 24-hour clock. Military time is a way of expressing time that is used by the military, emergency services, hospitals, and other organizations to keep track of time for operational purposes. It is also known as 24-Hour Time. Rather than using a 12-hour clock with morning and afternoon hours, military time uses a single 24-hour clock to express times from midnight (0000) to one minute before midnight (2359). You can find a quick reference below as well as more information on conversion and details for each minute from 8:00 PM – 8:59 PM through a time chart.

12-Hour Regular TimeMilitary Time (24-Hour Clock)
8:00 PM2000

Quick Guide: Convert 8PM Regular/Standard Time into Military Time

Converting 8:00 PM from 12-hour time to 24-hour military time is easy!

  1. Identify if the time is AM or PM.
  2. For AM we add a zero to the beginning. For PM we add 12 hours to the time.
  3. Since we are considering 8:00 PM, we would add 12 to the hours.
  4. 8:00 PM + 12 Hours = 20:00 or 2000 military time.

If you were considering a conversion for 8:00 AM instead, the converted military time would be 08:00 or 0800. This is pronounced “Zero Eight Hundred.”

How to Say 8 PM (2000) in Military Time

You can say 2000 as: “twenty hundred hours” or “two-zero-zero-zero hours”

8 PM Regular Time Conversion Chart

12 Hour ClockMilitary TimeHow to Say
8:00 PM2000Twenty Hundred
8:01 PM2001Twenty Zero One
8:02 PM2002Twenty Zero Two
8:03 PM2003Twenty Zero Three
8:04 PM2004Twenty Zero Four
8:05 PM2005Twenty Zero Five
8:06 PM2006Twenty Zero Six
8:07 PM2007Twenty Zero Seven
8:08 PM2008Twenty Zero Eight
8:09 PM2009Twenty Zero Nine
8:10 PM2010Twenty Ten
8:11 PM2011Twenty Eleven
8:12 PM2012Twenty Twelve
8:13 PM2013Twenty Thirteen
8:14 PM2014Twenty Fourteen
8:15 PM2015Twenty Thirteen
8:16 PM2016Twenty Sixteen
8:17 PM2017Twenty Seventeen
8:18 PM2018Twenty Eighteen
8:19 PM2019Twenty Zero Nine
8:20 PM2020Twenty Twenty
8:21 PM2021Twenty Twenty-One
8:22 PM2022Twenty Twenty-Two
8:23 PM2023Twenty Twenty-Three
8:24 PM2024Twenty Twenty-Four
8:25 PM2025Twenty Twenty-Five
8:26 PM2026Twenty Twenty-Six
8:27 PM2027Twenty Twenty-Seven
8:28 PM2028Twenty Twenty-Eight
8:29 PM2029Twenty Twenty-Nine
8:30 PM2030Twenty Thirty
8:31 PM2031Twenty Thirty-One
8:32 PM2032Twenty Thirty-Two
8:33 PM2033Twenty Thirty-Three
8:34 PM2034Twenty Thirty-Four
8:35 PM2035Twenty Thirty-Five
8:36 PM2036Twenty Thirty-Six
8:37 PM2037Twenty Thirty-Seven
8:38 PM2038Twenty Thirty-Eight
8:39 PM2039Twenty Thirty-Nine
8:40 PM2040Twenty Forty
8:41 PM2041Twenty Forty-One
8:42 PM2042Twenty Forty-Two
8:43 PM2043Twenty Forty-Three
8:44 PM2044Twenty Forty-Four
8:45 PM2045Twenty Forty-Five
8:46 PM2046Twenty Forty-Six
8:47 PM2047Twenty Forty-Seven
8:48 PM2048Twenty Forty-Eight
8:49 PM2049Twenty Forty-Nine
8:50 PM2050Twenty Fifty
8:51 PM2051Twenty Fifty-One
8:52 PM2052Twenty Fifty-Two
8:53 PM2053Twenty Fifty-Three
8:54 PM2054Twenty Fifty-Four
8:55 PM2055Twenty Fifty-Five
8:56 PM2056Twenty Fifty-Six
8:57 PM2057Twenty Fifty-Seven
8:58 PM2058Twenty Fifty-Eight
8:59 PM2059Twenty Fifty-Nine

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