58 United States Military Schools, Colleges Academies, and Boarding Schools

Military Schools, Academies, and Prep

It is only natural to want the best for yourself or your family (depending on your situation), and for some families, that means considering a military school or academy. These types of schools offer a unique approach to education and discipline and can help students develop skills and values that will benefit them throughout their lives. We will explore the different types of military schools, academies, and boarding schools in the United States, and provide you with a list of schools in various categories so you can get started on making an informed decision.

What Is Military School?

Military schools are educational institutions that combine traditional academic coursework with military training and discipline. They are designed to help students develop leadership, physical fitness, and a strong sense of personal responsibility. Students who attend military schools are typically required to wear uniforms, follow strict rules and regulations, and participate in rigorous physical training exercises. Many military schools also offer extracurricular activities like sports, music, and clubs.

Types of Military Schools

There are several types of military schools, each with its own approach to education. Some of the most common types of military schools include:

  • Federal Service Academies – Federal service academies are military academies that are directly funded by the federal government. These academies offer a four-year program that combines academic coursework with military training, and they are highly competitive to get into. Students who attend federal service academies receive a full scholarship, which covers tuition, room and board, and other expenses.
  • State Military Colleges – In addition to federal military academies, there are several state military colleges that offer a military-style approach to education and training. These colleges are public institutions that receive state funding, and they offer programs that prepare students for careers in the military, government, or private sector.
  • Military Boarding Schools – These are traditional boarding schools that have a military-style approach to education and discipline. Students live on campus and follow a structured daily routine that includes drills and ceremonies, physical training, and military classes.
  • Military Prep Schools – Military academies are similar to boarding schools, but they are more focused on preparing students for a career in the military. They offer a rigorous academic curriculum and a structured military program, and many require students to participate in ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) programs.
  • Military Junior Colleges – Military junior colleges offer a two-year program that combines academic coursework with military training. Students can earn an associate’s degree and may be eligible for a commission in the military upon graduation.

Benefits of Military Schools

Military schools offer many benefits to students. The benefits will vary based on the age of the student and the specific school. However, most would agree that military schools offer the following benefits, including:


Military schools provide a structured environment that emphasizes discipline and respect for authority. Students learn to follow rules and routines, which can help them succeed in all aspects of life.


Military schools help students develop leadership skills, which can be valuable in any career or profession.

Physical Fitness

Military schools emphasize physical fitness and provide students with opportunities to participate in sports and other physical activities.

Academic Excellence

Military schools offer a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares students for college and beyond.

Career Preparation

Military schools can prepare students for careers in the military, as well as other fields that require discipline, leadership, and physical fitness.

Federal Service Academies

Federal service academies are widely recognized as highly prestigious institutions that offer competitive opportunities for students. Graduates of these academies are known to have successful careers in both the military and other professional fields. The education and training provided by these institutions prioritize character development, intellectual growth, and physical conditioning, which prepare graduates to excel in their chosen paths.

Name of SchoolLocationWebsite
United States Military AcademyWest Point, NYwww.usma.edu
United States Naval AcademyAnnapolis, MDwww.usna.edu
United States Air Force AcademyColorado Springs, COwww.usafa.edu
United States Coast Guard AcademyNew London, CTwww.uscga.edu
United States Merchant Marine AcademyKings Point, NYwww.usmma.edu

State Military Colleges

State military colleges offer many of the same benefits as federal military academies, including discipline, leadership training, physical fitness, and career preparation. They can also be a more affordable option for students who want to pursue a military-style education and training.

Name of SchoolLocationWebsite
The Citadel, The Military College of South CarolinaCharleston, SCwww.citadel.edu
Virginia Military InstituteLexington, VAwww.vmi.edu
North Georgia College and State UniversityDahlonega, GAwww.ung.edu
Texas A&M UniversityCollege Station, TXwww.tamu.edu
University of North GeorgiaDahlonega, GAwww.ung.edu
Norwich UniversityNorthfield, VTwww.norwich.edu
South Carolina State UniversityOrangeburg, SCwww.scsu.edu
University of Wisconsin-Stevens PointStevens Point, WIwww.uwsp.edu

Military Junior Colleges

Military junior colleges offer many of the same benefits as full military academies, including character development, physical fitness, and leadership training, but they provide a more flexible and accessible option for students who are looking to pursue a military-style education and training.

Name of SchoolLocationWebsite
Georgia Military CollegeMilledgeville, GAwww.gmc.edu
Marion Military InstituteMarion, ALwww.marionmilitary.edu
New Mexico Military InstituteRoswell, NMwww.nmmi.edu
Valley Forge Military Academy & CollegeWayne, PAwww.vfmac.edu

Military Prep Schools

Military prep schools provide a supportive and structured environment for students who are considering a career in the military. These schools can help students develop the skills and values necessary for success in the military, while also providing a strong academic foundation for future studies.

Name of SchoolLocationWebsite
Camden Military AcademyCamden, SCwww.camdenmilitary.com
Carson Long Military AcademyNew Bloomfield, PAwww.carsonlong.org
Culver AcademiesCulver, INwww.culver.org
Fork Union Military AcademyFork Union, VAwww.forkunion.com
Hargrave Military AcademyChatham, VAwww.hargrave.edu
Howe Military AcademyHowe, INwww.howemilitary.org
Marine Military AcademyHarlingen, TXwww.mma-tx.org
Missouri Military AcademyMexico, MOwww.missourimilitaryacademy.org
Oakland Military InstituteOakland, CAwww.oakmil.org
St. John’s Military SchoolSalina, KSwww.sjms.org
St. John’s Northwestern Military AcademyDelafield, WIwww.sjnma.org

Military Boarding Schools

Military boarding schools provide a unique and enriching experience for students, offering a structured and supportive environment that prioritizes character development, leadership training, and physical fitness. By participating in a rigorous academic curriculum and a military-style program, students are empowered to develop the skills and values that are essential for achieving success in any career or profession. Not only do these schools foster a sense of discipline and commitment in their students, but they also provide a strong foundation for academic growth and future success.

Name of SchoolLocationWebsiteFor
Admiral Farragut AcademySt. Petersburg, FLwww.farragut.orgBoys
Army and Navy AcademyCarlsbad, CAwww.armyandnavyacademy.orgBoys
Benedictine Military SchoolSavannah, GAwww.thebc400.comBoys
Camden Military AcademyCamden, SCwww.camdenmilitary.comBoys
Fishburne Military SchoolWaynesboro, VAwww.fishburne.orgBoys
Hargrave Military AcademyChatham, VAwww.hargrave.eduBoys
Howe Military AcademyHowe, INwww.howemilitary.orgBoys
Lyman Ward Military AcademyCamp Hill, ALwww.lwma.orgBoys
Marine Military AcademyHarlingen, TXwww.mma-tx.orgBoys
Missouri Military AcademyMexico, MOwww.missourimilitaryacademy.orgBoys
New York Military AcademyCornwall-on-Hudson, NYwww.nyma.orgBoys
Randolph-Macon AcademyFront Royal, VAwww.rma.eduBoys
St. Catherine’s AcademyAnaheim, CAwww.stcatherinesacademy.orgBoys
St. John’s Military SchoolSalina, KSwww.sjms.orgBoys
St. John’s Northwestern Military AcademyDelafield, WIwww.sjnma.orgBoys
Marymount California University – Military AcademyRancho Palos Verdes, CAwww.marymountcalifornia.eduGirls
Oakland Military InstituteOakland, CAwww.oakmil.orgGirls
Pine Ridge SchoolWilliston, VTwww.pineridgeschool.comGirls
St. Mary’s Academy – Bay ViewRiverside, RIwww.bayviewacademy.orgGirls
Camden Military AcademyCamden, SCwww.camdenmilitary.comCo-Educational
Culver AcademiesCulver, INwww.culver.orgCo-Educational
Fork Union Military AcademyFork Union, VAwww.forkunion.comCo-Educational
Massanutten Military AcademyWoodstock, VAwww.militaryschool.comCo-Educational
Missouri Military AcademyMexico, MOwww.missourimilitaryacademy.orgCo-Educational
New Mexico Military InstituteRoswell, NMwww.nmmi.eduCo-Educational
Riverside Military AcademyGainesville, GAwww.riversidemilitary.comCo-Educational
Valley Forge Military Academy & CollegeWayne, PAwww.vfmac.eduCo-Educational