Military Time Chart

military-time-chart-1Military time is the method that the United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Pakistan, and Malaysia use as a 24-hour time system reserved for military and emergency services. Civilian timekeeping in these countries primarily use the 12-hour timekeeping system. Nearly every other country in the world uses a variation of military time called 24-hour time for both civilian and military timekeeping.

Military Time Chart

The military time conversion chart below makes it simple to take conventional AM/PM time and quickly convert it to military time.

12 Hour am-pm Clock
24 Hour Military Time
12:00 am Midnight
1:00 am
2:00 am
3:00 am
4:00 am
5:00 am
6:00 am
7:00 am
8:00 am
9:00 am
10:00 am
11:00 am
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
6:00 pm
7:00 pm
8:00 pm
9:00 pm
10:00 pm
11:00 pm
12:00 Midnight

Printable Version of the Military Time Chart Conversion Table. Alternatively, you can see it in image form for easy viewing on mobile devices. You can see a breakdown of which countries use military time or 24-hour time here: see the map for comparison.

Military Time Chart with Zone Name

The military time conversion chart below lists the standard 12-hour time format next to the 24-hour time format. This is followed by military time, UTC offset (military time zone), military time zone name, and the time zone letter code.

The military time presented in this chart uses the time zone letter code affixed to the end of the time. This is simply to denote the time zone in which the time is referenced. The letter corresponds to the first letter of the time zone name. Read more about military time zones here.

12 HR Standard 24 HR Time Military Time UTC Offset Time Zone Name Zone Code
12:00 A.M. 0:00 0000Z UTC ±0 Zulu Z
01:00 A.M. 1:00 0100A UTC +1 Alpha A
02:00 A.M. 2:00 0200B UTC +2 Bravo B
03:00 A.M. 3:00 0300C UTC +3 Charlie C
04:00 A.M. 4:00 0400D UTC +4 Delta D
05:00 A.M. 5:00 0500E UTC +5 Echo E
06:00 A.M. 6:00 0600F UTC +6 Foxtrot F
07:00 A.M. 7:00 0700G UTC +7 Golf G
08:00 A.M. 8:00 0800H UTC +8 Hotel H
09:00 A.M. 9:00 0900I UTC +9 India I
10:00 A.M. 10:00 1000K UTC +10 Kilo K
11:00 A.M. 11:00 1100L UTC +11 Lima L
12:00 P.M. 12:00 1200M UTC +12 Mike M
01:00 P.M. 13:00 1300X UTC -11 X-ray X
02:00 P.M. 14:00 1400W UTC -10 Whiskey W
03:00 P.M. 15:00 1500V UTC -9 Victor V
04:00 P.M. 16:00 1600U UTC -8 Uniform U
05:00 P.M. 17:00 1700T UTC -7 Tango T
06:00 P.M. 18:00 1800S UTC -6 Sierra S
07:00 P.M. 19:00 1900R UTC -5 Romeo R
08:00 P.M. 20:00 2000Q UTC -4 Quebec Q
09:00 P.M. 21:00 2100P UTC -3 Papa P
10:00 P.M. 22:00 2200O UTC -2 Oscar O
11:00 P.M. 23:00 2300N UTC -1 November N
12:00 P.M. 12:00 1200Y UTC -12 Yankee Y

Having trouble viewing this military time chart on your mobile device? View a PDF of the military time chart with zones here.

This system is used to convey accurate time across time all zones, countries, and languages. Military time turns all time calculations into a four-digit number and removes the need for the AM or PM suffix. It is used most famously by the military in the United States, but it has also been adopted by many other agencies and services. Examples include emergency response teams, hospitals, aviation, navigation, and anywhere else where time confusion can have a serious or negative impact. The probability of miscommunication with the AM/PM timekeeping system has led to the importance of military time (24-hour clock) with organizations that rely on accurately communicating and tracking time.

A military time chart is designed to offer an easy method for finding the link between standard time measurement and military time (or the standard 12-hour time system and the military’s 24-hour time system). The chart below is a simple conversion table with standard time on the left column and its corresponding military time on the right. In most cases, it should be presented without the colon separator between minutes and hours. As such, it is not present in the military time chart below. If you want to convert military time to 24-hour timekeeping, then you would simply add the colon between the middle two numbers (ex. 1834 to 18:34). Military time can also be known as army time, navy time, marine time, and even air force time.

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