Military Time Clock


The Military Time Clock shown above defaults to military time based on your current local time showing you what time it is in military time right now where you are. Keep in mind that the current military time clock on this page features a colon (“:”) between the minutes and the seconds. Seconds are not traditionally notated but this was added for conversion purposes so you could track real-time including hours, minutes, and seconds. The top time clock notates military time and the bottom clock notates standard time (the traditional AM/PM 12 hour timekeeping system). This tool was created to make it very simple to tell military time while comparing it to standard time.

The “military time right now” tool below pulls your local time from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop and converts it into military time (24 hour timekeeping) system. You can change the time on your device and refresh the page and the military time will update automagically! Short of learning to convert current military time right now, this is the fastest tool available to check when needed. Be sure to save this page to your favorites!

Real-Time Online Military Time Clock

Current Military Time is:

Current Standard Time is:

Military Time Clock and Time Zones

You can refer to the sidebar (to the right on a tablet or pc, to the bottom on mobile), to get a reference of the current UTC or mean time. You can use the military time zone chart to compare your time zone offset to UTC, which is the basis for all military time.

If you wish to write out military time, you should remove the colon and the seconds as mentioned above. You can always use the handy Military Time Converter for quick calculations for other military times.

The Military time clock does not use AM or PM and is always expressed in 4 digits even if the first digit is a zero. See more about how to read/write military time.

Why is the Military Time Clock Important?

Military time is important primarily due to the ease of communication it provides. Unlike standard AM/PM time, military time does not create confusion as frequently as timekeeping that requires an AM or PM notation. Have you ever set an alarm for 7 PM instead of 7 AM? If you have not, then you are lucky. Military time relies on a timekeeping system that removes any chance of human error when notating time, which is why it is favored by the military, first responders, and other emergency and government services. Interestingly, the 24 hour timekeeping system that people in the United States call “miliary time” is actually the preferred method for timekeeping in most parts of the world including Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

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