What is 1242 Military Time?

Convert 1242 military time into standard (regular) AM/PM format.

1242 = 12:42 PM

1242 = 12:42 PM using regular (standard) 12-hour AM/PM notation.

What time is 1242 military time? 12:42 PM on the standard 12-hour clock. Pronounced “Twelve Forty-Two”, we help you quickly compare 1242 to 12:42 PM standard time. The conversion of both time values is explored below. This includes guidance on how to change military time to the 12-hour format as well as the appropriate method to say time values when talking. You can find reference for 1242 below and additional information on conversion details for each minute from 1200 – 1259 military time through an easy-to-use chart.

Military Time (24-Hour Clock) 12-Hour Regular Time
1242 12:42 PM

Converting 1242 Military Time into Regular/Standard Time

Converting 1242 from 24-hour military time to 12-hour time is easy!

  1. Military time that falls within 1200-1259 is perhaps the easiest conversion of all!
  2. First, we would take would 1242 military time, then add a colon between the hours (12) and minutes (42) leaving 12:42.
  3. Since any military time greater than 1200 falls “after noon” then it gets a “PM” appended to the time.
  4. 1242 military time + add a colon “:” between the hours (12) and minutes (42) minutes + add PM to the end = 12:42 PM

Extra If you were considering a conversion for 0042 instead, the converted standard time would be 12:42 AM.

How to Say 1242 (12:42 PM) in Military Time

You can say as: “Twelve Forty-Two hours.”

Military Time to Standard/Regular Time Conversion Tool

Use the tool below to convert military time to standard time or, alternatively, converted standard time to military time quickly and easily!

Note: Select below to convert standard time (AM/PM) to military time.


1242 Military Time Conversion Chart

12 Hour ClockMilitary TimeHow to Say
12:00 PM1200Twelve Hundred
12:01 PM1201Twelve Zero One
12:02 PM1202Twelve Zero Two
12:03 PM1203Twelve Zero Three
12:04 PM1204Twelve Zero Four
12:05 PM1205Twelve Zero Five
12:06 PM1206Twelve Zero Six
12:07 PM1207Twelve Zero Seven
12:08 PM1208Twelve Zero Eight
12:09 PM1209Twelve Zero Nine
12:10 PM1210Twelve Ten
12:11 PM1211Twelve Eleven
12:12 PM1212Twelve Twelve
12:13 PM1213Twelve Thirteen
12:14 PM1214Twelve Fourteen
12:15 PM1215Twelve Fifteen
12:16 PM1216Twelve Sixteen
12:17 PM1217Twelve Seventeen
12:18 PM1218Twelve Eighteen
12:19 PM1219Twelve Nineteen
12:20 PM1220Twelve Twenty
12:21 PM1221Twelve Twenty-One
12:22 PM1222Twelve Twenty-Two
12:23 PM1223Twelve Twenty-Three
12:24 PM1224Twelve Twenty-Four
12:25 PM1225Twelve Twenty-Five
12:26 PM1226Twelve Twenty-Six
12:27 PM1227Twelve Twenty-Seven
12:28 PM1228Twelve Twenty-Eight
12:29 PM1229Twelve Twenty-Nine
12:30 PM1230Twelve Thirty
12:31 PM1231Twelve Thirty-One
12:32 PM1232Twelve Thirty-Two
12:33 PM1233Twelve Thirty-Three
12:34 PM1234Twelve Thirty-Four
12:35 PM1235Twelve Thirty-Five
12:36 PM1236Twelve Thirty-Six
12:37 PM1237Twelve Thirty-Seven
12:38 PM1238Twelve Thirty-Eight
12:39 PM1239Twelve Thirty-Nine
12:40 PM1240Twelve Forty
12:41 PM1241Twelve Forty-One
12:42 PM1242Twelve Forty-Two
12:43 PM1243Twelve Forty-Three
12:44 PM1244Twelve Forty-Four
12:45 PM1245Twelve Forty-Five
12:46 PM1246Twelve Forty-Six
12:47 PM1247Twelve Forty-Seven
12:48 PM1248Twelve Forty-Eight
12:49 PM1249Twelve Forty-Nine
12:50 PM1250Twelve Fifty
12:51 PM1251Twelve Fifty-One
12:52 PM1252Twelve Fifty-Two
12:53 PM1253Twelve Fifty-Three
12:54 PM1254Twelve Fifty-Four
12:55 PM1255Twelve Fifty-Five
12:56 PM1256Twelve Fifty-Six
12:57 PM1257Twelve Fifty-Seven
12:58 PM1258Twelve Fifty-Eight
12:59 PM1259Twelve Fifty-Nine

1200 vs 0000 Military Time

Although both 1200 and 0000 are military time, they represent two very different times of day. 1200 is 12 PM, which is noon in standard time, while 0000 is midnight of 12AM in standard time. A simple way to look at it is that 0000 is the “start” of the day. The day starts at 12AM in standard time. 1200 is mid day or noon standard time.